Open Mic | August 2020

Words are powerful and when used well they can incite people to do both good and evil. They give those in position of power, well, power! While everyone has the right to say what they want, those with influences over the audiences have the responsibility to exercise their free speech with vigilance. There are many leaders in the world who have risen to positions of immense power through their striking speeches and moving words. To inculcate this importance of speech and power of words in the students Delhi Public School, Takshila Society organised an online BATTLE OF ORATORY SKILLS among its four locations i.e. Pune, Ludhiana, Patna and Coimbatore.

This was no ordinary event as in the history of Takshila Society this was the first event which was conducted online through the platform of lsquo;Zoom’. The times and circumstances we are thrown into have forced us to improvise and create the new normal with the help of technology. The participants were each given a unique code through which they logged into the Zoom meeting and delivered their recitals. This was a three-day event comprising of Elocution, Declamation and Debate Competition which was livestreamed on Youtube.  11 students from classes IV to X participated in the competition which resulted in a keenly contested competition.

The event began with a short introduction of the judges. The panel of judges comprised of the highly esteemed individuals from all four locations. After the introduction of the judges the participants were called out using their unique Zoom codes. The students were well prepared with the virtual background set, looking all prim and proper in their school uniforms. Students from all the locations handsomely delivered their speeches with passion and conviction enthralling all in attendance. The session was kaleidoscope of opinions, thoughts, ideas and perspectives that definitely enhanced the knowledge among the students. On completion of the last speaker the judges were invited to speak a few words of advice for improvement and encouragement. The young and gifted orators won the hearts of the judges who were overwhelmed by their preparation. The results were announced online shortly after the event was over.

The entire event was memorable for everyone involved and it helped enhance public speaking skills of all the participants. All the students, who showed the courage to participate in an event which was first of its kind, are all the winners; after all it is rightly said by Nelson Mandela ‘A winner is a dreamer who never gave up.

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