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Parivartan — An Integrated Rural Development Initiative

With the objective of ensuring a steady flow of skilled personnel and the reduction of unemployment amongst educated youth, Industrial Training Institutes have been set up under the Craftsmen Training Scheme in Narendrapur in Siwan, Bihar. By equipping local youth with the required skills, education and discipline for, industrial employment and self-employment, these institutes facilitate self esteem and ensure livelihoods.  The ITCs are affiliated to the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), through the Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGET), Government of India, Ministry of Labour, New Delhi.

What Takshila Parivartan is:

Parivartan is essentially an extension of the TES philosophy to contribute towards nation-building. The etymology of the word ‘Parivartan’ lies in Sanskrit, the oldest living language of the world, and means ‘change’. Takshila Parivartan aspires to spearhead change in existing societal mores, attitudes, approach and skills.

The first Parivartan Industrial Training Centre (ITC) is being established on an eight acre campus in village Narendrapur in Siwan district, Bihar. Bihar is the third most populous state in the country and a deliberate choice of location for TES, because it typifies all that is adverse about India. The previous ruling government of more than fifteen years virtually dragged the state back to the dark ages. There was a complete absence of governance and most of Bihar was ravaged by lawlessness. Infrastructure crumbled and there was almost null fiscal investment during the period. Siwan district in particular, witnessed near-anarchy. Subsequent to the change in governments for the better nearly four years ago, there has been visible all-round improvement. However, it will take another decade or more to bring Bihar back into the mainstream.

The primary function of Parivartan is to provide vocational skill-building to the community so that, instead of businesses outsourcing employment, local youth can easily be absorbed in existing establishments and even become self-employed.

Parivartan ITC will encourage students who have passed Classes VIII and Class XII to enroll in these vocational courses and will not only assist in placement but also provide guidance in establishing  micro business units for those with entrepreneurial aptitude.

Our Visions

  • To improve training delivery systems to make them more dynamic and pro-industry based
  • To create basic training facilities in areas which are in high demand in the local industries
  • To retrain existing instructors to ensure efficiency in the transference of skills
  • To improve existing infrastructure and training delivery systems
  • To increase the scale of placement activities
  • To implement a Soft Skills Development Programme