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Takshila Projects

  • Arthshila
  • Ektara
  • Pahal


Aim and Objectives

A dynamic multicultural arts centre in the heart of Patna, Arthshila brings to the city a wide variety of cultural experiences. Across Performing Arts, Cinema, Theatre, Literature and Plastic arts, the Centre aims to showcase the best, exclusive and new experiments in culture from within India and across the world.

Arthshila brings together a host of artists and enthusiasts into the public domain by exhibitions, collaboration, debates and scussion between community artists, professionals and the youth.


The arts are an integral part of the lives of individuals and contribute to the society’s well being; art is vibrant, living, empowering and should be widely accessible while transgressing boundaries of class, language, religion or gender.

For more information, please visit www.arthshila.org


Headquartered at Bhopal, Iktara aims to work three dimensionally in the field of Children's literature by:

  • Creating a corpus of children's literature
  • Preserving/conserving/protecting children's literature
  • Endeavouring to create spaces, for a consistent discourse on children's literature

Chakmak and Pluto are the two children's magazines which are aiming to build a corpus of children's literature. The magazine Chakmak targets the audience of children between the age group of 10 to 14 years. It is published by the organization Eklavya. Iktara is developing it presently. The magazine Pluto targets the audience of children between the age group of 5 to 9 years.

Numerous writers' workshops are proposed to create literature for children/by children.

2 Creative chairs (Srijan Peeth) have been instituted with prominent writers to specially build a corpus of children's literature.

To preserve/ conserve / protect children's literature, efforts would be made to select quality writings produced during the course of proposed workshops and ensure their publication. Enriching translations of the best literature available, world-wide and the country is also proposed.

In order to ensure a continued discourse, there is a proposal to document the debates/dialogues/interactions held in Srijan Peeth workshops and others .There will also be an attempt to preserve and incorporate relevant matter derived out of interactions with NCERT and others. A continuous interaction with young writers on children's issues is also an important agenda.

We propose to create a course for children's writings. The idea behind this is to ingrain a basic understanding of literature appreciation, writing and language skills. To learn these basics under renowned literary craftsmen and to write and rework on their invaluable feedback would be a largely inspiring effort. We wish to cultivate this as an act of love for children's literature. 25 young writers will be commissioned for this project every year.


Takshila Education Society has acquired 160 Acres of land in the villages of Chanpura & Chanda, of Koilwar District in Bihar. The land is earmarked for establishing a University in the next few years.

However, the immediate goal is to initiate agro-based activities which would impact the economic and social life of villagers and villages in the neighbourhood.

A meaningful contribution can be made in the area by addressing inadequacies encountered by farmers. Pehal will be a farmers educational institution and a vehicle to resolve the inadequacies. As a Demonstration centre it will make available inputs, technology and markets for the neighbourhood.

From the very beginning Pehal will commence a dialogue with the farming community in the area. It will inform them about the concepts of corporate farming and the advantages of building market linkages with organizations such as Pepsi; Producers Organization as evolved by NABARD for discounted Financing; Crop Insurance; establishment of Self Help Groups to develop plant and vegetable nurseries, etc.

Some of the proposed activities:

  • Conduct area specific cultivation obtaining yields larger than the Benched Mark index thereby becoming a demonstration centre for neighbourhood farmers and create a conducive environment for establishing Corporate farming
  • Build modules for Protective Environment cultivation to pursue floriculture, orchards, spices and nursery in collaboration with National Horticulture Board
    Build Marketing Linkages with users of end products and exporters.
  • Establish Producer Groups , Self Help Groups to muster concessional finance.
  • Establish a training centre for Farmers.